Growing in Faith

For these programs, enter the church through the portico-covered door from the church parking lot or through the east garden door.

2014-2015 Series:
Adult Christian Education (ACEs)
– Leaders: Roy Wehrle and Ann Kelson

We have begun a year-long look at the history of the Christian church from Bethlehem to today, emphasizing ideas, disputes, and the evolution of belief and doctrines. This is a marvelous opportunity to gain a broad overview of the path trodden from early days to now.

stone cross on hill | Clifford Hayes

We have great fun as we all learn and grow together. Everyone is welcome to join.

2015 Series:
Kairos Class: A Faith for Monday

– Leaders: Tim Haworth, Jeff Maras and guests

In our journey together we are asking — "Do we stand on holy ground only on Sunday or during the week too?" Searching together for "a faith for Monday," this class offers opportunities to explore our beliefs guided by the Word, theologians, and supportive friends.

The Present Word Curriculum

Adult Bible Study:
Sunday Lectionary-Based Bible Study

- Conveners, Rhonda Downing, Joe Hills

"Through the exploration of biblical text, adult study groups are invited into a deepened relationship with God. The Present Word engages participants in an experiential style of learning—connecting faith and life. . . The fall quarter has three units, each with a different look at the theme of hope." Read more . . .

Adult Bible Study:
| in the Commons
(Enter through portico-covered door from parking lot or from Garden entrance.)

Teacher: Ann Kelson (217.494.2321)
Bible Gospel of Matthew | ©2014

This year Benchmarks begins with the study of the Gospel According to Matthew, addressing questions such as these:
• How does the Gospel of Matthew tie the Hebrew Scriptures and their promise of the Messiah with the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus?
• What was life like for the Jewish people to whom Matthew was written? What were their beliefs and hopes?
• What is the Kingdom of God, and where do we fit into it?
• What are we praying when we pray the Lord’s Prayer –“Thy will be done on earth…”?
• Love your enemy? Turn the other cheek? Thoughts are as bad as actions? Really?
• Incarnation? Resurrection? Was Jesus more than just a good man?